Lenser today
Lenser around 1960

History of Lenser Praezisionstechnik


1948: Formation of the company by Kurt Lenser as a mechanical engineering enterprise.

1965: Horst Lenser becomes general manager.

1997: Formation of the Lenser Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG by Heinz-Erich Müller-Buttmann and Rainer Baehrens.

1998: Extensive investment programs regarding the modernization of existing facilities and new purchase of milling and deep hole drilling centers.

2000: Expansion of the heating and cooling plates business.

2002: Start-up of the new built building 6 with the new portal milling machin Waldrich Coburg (work pieces up to 100to).

2004: Death of Heinz-Erich Müller-Buttmann. Rainer Baehrens keeps leads the company as executing partner.

2007: Start-up of the traveling-column milling machine Soraluce FX 10000.

2008: Start-up of the milling machine SHW Uni Speed 5.

2009: Start-ip of a new TIBO deep hole drilling facility.

2009: First certification ISO 9001, regularly up till now.

2010: Death of Rainer Baehrens. Maria Baehrens (executing partner) und Renaud Houy (general manager) take over the management.

2010: Start-up of the new machining center Waldrich PMC3000 with a pallet system for serial production.

2012: Introducing CAD/CAM Systems (SolidWorks).

2014: Investition in the Wagner portal milling machine (CNC).

2015: Renaud Houy leaves the company. Florian Baehrens becomes general manager.